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Over 40 Years of Bankruptcy Experience


Faye Feinstein"I have referred matters to Debbie for years. When we refer matters outside our firm, our reputation is directly affected by the quality of the service provided by those we recommend. I send matters to Debbie because I know she will provide excellent, competent, reliable and cost-effective service. I have also co-counseled with her many times. She is bright, responsive and a pleasure to work with".

    Faye B. Feinstein, Partner

    Quarles & Brady LLP


"Deborah Ebner is an attorney to whom I would without hesitation refer my closest family members, friends and important clients. She joins absolutely top-notch skills and experience as a bankruptcy attorney with a deep and wise understanding of the sources of the financial and personal stresses facing her clients. Her ability to assist her clients in navigating those stresses, during what may be the most difficult time of their lives, enhances her ability to provide the most effective representation possible."

    Michael J. Kelly

    Harvard Law School JD Class of 1995    

    Waveland Law Group, LLC

    55 West Wacker Drive 14th Floor Chicago, IL 60601


“I was referred to Ebner by a major law firm in town when I lost a major lawsuit on a technicality. She negotiated a settlement and worked out a strategy that kept me out of bankruptcy as I had wished. She’s the real deal.”

    David Doerge

    Investment Banker

“It is her intelligence, her creativity, her responsiveness, and her ability to not wait around, but to get ahead of the problem that distinguishes her from many other lawyers in her practice area. She's an ahead of the curve person. She is one of the best bankruptcy lawyers who represents debtors that I’ve ever had the privilege of dealing with.”

    Tim Howard

    Howard and Howard

"I would not hesitate to refer small business clients to the Law Office of Debbie Ebner because all my prior referrals have consistently been impressed with the high quality of service and product her firm delivers at reasonable rates."

    Carmen H. Lonstein


    Baker & McKenzie LLP

"Deb knows more about the interface between bankruptcy law and family law than any attorney in town . She's a very effective practitioner."

    Rick Fogel

    Shaw Gussis Fishman Glantz Wolfson & Towbin

"It has been a pleasure to know and work with and against Deb for 20 years . She is a hard working, thorough , engaging lawyer and a pleasure to work with."

    Douglas J. Lipke

    Attorney at Law

    Vedder Price P.C.

"Debbie is quick to size up a troubled situation. She brings a pragmatic approach towards solving the problems confronting her."

    Stephen T. Bobo


“She is very dogged, very helpful, and quiet approachable…I’ll use the word “brilliant” in terms of what she knows in her specialty. In terms of getting through the court systems, she is so knowledgeable of judges, people, the process, that it cuts time. Our single largest costs when we do a transaction, short of the transaction itself, are the legal fees, and that’s all based on time. That’s why I like Debbie – she’s very efficient that way.”

    Frank Feraco


    Great Lakes Equity Partners

“We are an automotive industry supplier with the misfortune of having been a creditor in the GM, Chrysler and Getrag bankruptcy cases. Deb has the ability to cut through bureaucracy and, she got us through the bankruptcy system cost effectively, allowing us to recoup our losses. Should the need arise, Deb will be the first person we call for legal assistance in the future.”

    Michael J Wern


    Engineered Abrasives

“As a credit executive for a large supplier, I have had several customers file bankruptcy with Debbie Ebner as Trustee. I have found Debbie's expertise, responsiveness and willingness to probe deeply into cases to be superior to any trustee I have yet encountered Any creditor could rest easy knowing she will be diligent and go to any length to make sure both the creditors' and debtors' rights are protected I heartily recommend Debbie Ebner for her knowledge, integrity, tenaciousness and preparation.”

    Norman Cowie

    CCE Vice President, Finance

    Evergreen Oak Electric Supply and Sales Co.

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Effective February 1, 2020 Ebner's law practice will be limited to her Of-Counsel relationship with Factor Law, by appointment only: 

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