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Over 38 Years of Bankruptcy Experience

Bankruptcy and Family Law

The financial collapse of a family, or family business, frequently accompanies dissolution of a marriage. Some of the issues that often arise are whether family obligations are dischargeable in bankruptcy, and, who gets stuck with payment of attorney's fees. Attorney Deborah Kanner Ebner represents both attorneys and matrimonial ligants in unraveling these questions, before, during and after the filing of a divorce. She is well known by bench and bar for her expertise, excellence and effectiveness.

“Deb knows more about the interface between bankruptcy and family law than any other attorney in town. She's a very effective practitioner.”

    Attorney Rick Fogel

    Shaw Gussis Fishman Glantz Wolfson & Towbin LLC

    Chicago, IL

Ebner obtained reclassification of a marital residence to a “support obligation” due her client. Click here for summary.

Debt Restructuring and Bankruptcy Avoidance

Keenly aware of the leverage that the current economic crisis has given borrowers, Deborah Kanner Ebner assists her clients with renegotiation of debt; many of her clients have avoided bankruptcy. Ebner views many bankruptcy filings as completely unnecessary in this economic climate and offers her client base creative strategies instead of quick bankruptcy relief. Ebner has her finger on the pulse of new developments and is able to anticipate opportunities for her clients with debt renegotiation.

“She worked out a strategy that kept me out of bankruptcy and helped negotiate a settlement. She’s very professional; she’s very thorough. She’s the real deal.”

    David Doerge

    Investment Banker

    Chicago, IL


Bankruptcy & Workout Law: Commercial and Individual Creditor/Debtor

When businesses or individuals are unable to pay their bills, financial obligations can be adjusted to allow for continued business operation. Ms. Ebner represents both debtors and creditors in this process and has significant experience in representing such parties in Chapters 7, 11, 13, out of court restructuring agreements, Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, or simple common sense and credibility.

“She’s an ahead-of-the-curve person. She’s just not responsive, she’s assertive. She is one of the best bankruptcy lawyers who represents debtors that I’ve ever had the privilege of dealing with.”

    Tim Howard,

    Howard & Howard

    Peoria and Chicago, IL; Ann Arbor and Royal Oak, MI; Las Vegas, NV

"Debbie is quick to size up a troubled situation. She brings a pragmatic approach towards solving the problems confronting her."

    Stephen T. Bobo

    ReedSmith, LLP

    Chicago, IL

Acquisition and Sale of Property From Bankruptcy Cases

When a company files a bankruptcy, its assets are often sold. Ebner is able to use her knowledge of the bankruptcy court system to assist her clients with sale or acquisition of property.

“She’s very dogged, very helpful, and quite approachable.…I’ll use the word ‘brilliant’ in terms of what she knows in her specialty.” “In terms of getting through court systems, she’s so knowledgeable of judges, people, the process, that it cuts the time,” Feraco says. “Our single largest costs when we do a transaction, short of the transaction itself, are the legal fees, and that’s all based on time. That’s why I like Debbie—she’s very efficient that way.”

    Frank Feraco, Chairman

    Great Lakes Equity Partners

Preference Recovery and Fraudlent Conveyance Defense

Ebner's standard of excellence carries over when she represents clients who are sued for the recovery of preferential transfers and fraudulent conveyances in the bankruptcy court.

"As a credit executive for a large supplier, I have had several customers file bankruptcy with Debbie Ebner as Trustee. I have found Debbie's expertise, responsiveness and willingness to probe deeply into cases to be superior to any trustee I have yet encountered. Any creditor could rest easy knowing she will be diligent and go to any length to make sure both the creditors' and debtors' rights are protected. I heartily recommend Debbie Ebner for her knowledge, integrity, tenaciousness and preparation."

    Norman Cowie, CCE

    Vice President, Finance

    Evergreen Oak Electric Supply and Sales Co.

See results of her work in the Outboard Marine bankruptcy case (please click here) where she negotiated a full release of her client from a $100,000 lawsuit where the clients of other attorneys had to pay.

Attorney Deborah Kanner Ebner and her seasoned staff offer you, your business and your family a respected and trusted partner and personal attention. Since 1981 Attorney Ebner has been providing practical representation and very creative problem solving for her clients.

"I have referred matters to Debbie for years. When we refer matters outside our firm, our reputation is directly affected by the quality of the service provided by those we recommend. I send matters to Debbie because I know she will provide excellent, competent, reliable and cost-effective service. I have also co-counseled with her many times. She is bright, responsive and a pleasure to work with."

    Faye B. Feinstein, Partner

    Quarles & Brady LLP

To speak with Attorney Ebner, please call: 312.922.3838

email: dkebner@deborahebnerlaw.com

Effective February 1, 2020 Ebner's law practice will be limited to her Of-Counsel relationship with Factor Law, by appointment only: 

Deborah Kanner Ebner, Of-Counsel Factor Law

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